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Vodr was known as the Thunder God, Bringer of Storms. Though he is now believed to be lost, mention has been made of him by followers of Nereia and Naia, his daughters. This information is all disappointingly vague, however, and there is little to speculate upon.

What has been pieced together about Vodr points to his being one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, of the Prime Immortals. He was greatly involved with the shaping of the world, using his power over the seas to weather and shape the land to his liking. When a great catastrophe threatened to unmake the world and many of the Prime Immortals were lost, Vodr's might kept the catastrophe at bay, until he ultimately sacrificed himself in order to ensure the world's safety.

It is a common topic amongst followers of his daughters that Vodr favored Nereia over Naia, giving reign over the seas to Nereia, the elder sister, while Naia was given reign over rivers and lakes. This is a frequent point of conflict between the two.