Mistveil Dominion

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The Mistveil Dominion is a political power in the mid-northern Lost Lands, with its seat of power in the town of Mistral Lake.

The given purpose of the Mistveil Dominion is "to bring order, peace, and prosperity to the Lost Lands." Having started when the government of Mistral Lake began installing soldiers in nearby independent settlements as "Protectorates" for the stated purpose of keeping their citizens safe, the Dominion's power and influence quickly grew as it - rather forcibly - unified the many scattered peoples in their region. While their aggressive and highly authoritarian methods are often criticised, it is difficult to deny that the Dominion is indeed establishing order and prosperity in a land still struggling to recover from the aftermath of the Aetgardian Plague and subsequent outbreaks of canim, infested, and nethrim threats, as well as dealing with the lawless bands of opportunistic brigands and highwaymen.

One of the most iconic signs of Dominion influence or presence is their distinct augmented soldiers, often referred to as "Pales" due to their pale gray-white skin. In exactly what ways these soldiers are augmented is not known, though they are said to be able to go a very long time without sleep and on minimal food supplies. The Dominion offers various perks to soldiers who volunteer for augmentation, including increased quality of living quarters and rations, more control over scheduling, greater opportunities for advancement in the ranks, and so forth.

One of the more controversial practices of the Dominion is their frequent use of sorcery. From sorcerous enforcement methods to employing phantoms and nether-animated golems for various tasks and labor, many worry that they are exacerbating the problem of spreading nether-corruption in the Lost Lands. The Dominion assures that its methods of sorcery are perfectly safe and controlled, however, and several experts are employed to attend to matters of nether containment.

As might be expected in an authoritarian state attempting to establish order in a chaotic land, there are occasional instances of resistance. As the Dominion expands its influence further, it must dedicate more effort and manpower to maintaining its authority over its own holdings. Rumors of rebellion in the north suggest that the Dominion may have recently overextended itself.