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Lapis is a kingdom on the southern border of the Aetgard region of western Arad, just north of the Fey Forest separating Aetgard from Karnath. Of all the kingdoms in Aetgard, it was the only one to remain somewhat stable during and after the Plague. The Kingdom of Lapis now maintains extremely strict border policies, its people determined to keep out the various afflictions that now scourge the Lost Lands. As a result, relatively little is known about the kingdom to outsiders. Having had nearly a century to recover from the effects of the Plague, Lapis has now turned its attention to purifying and reclaiming the lands around it, fueled by a strong cultural drive to cleanse the afflicted Lost Lands and restore the beauty of old Aetgard.

The people of Lapis tend to be fair of hair and skin, being particularly known for their iconic golden-yellow hair and deep blue eyes. Many speculate that they are related to the Hillfolk of Karnath, a common theory being that they are descended from a group that fled the tyranny of Gudleifr but did not follow Sifa's Exodus through the Fey Forest.


The people of Lapis adhere strongly to the religion of the Sacred Flame, which appears to be a modification of the spiritual philosophy of the Inner Light taught by the Viali. Unlike its predecessor, the ways of the Sacred Flame seem to be more religious as far as putting emphasis on being beholden to a higher power (the Sacred Flame itself), and puts dedicated effort into evangelism to spread its influence. Representatives of the Sacred Flame have been met in recent times outside the borders of Lapis, though in typical Lapisian caution they are hesitant to reveal too much regarding the affairs of their homeland, preferring to instead focus on preaching the ways of the Sacred Flame.


When the Plague swept across Aetgard and wiped out the majority of humanity in that region, Lapis was the only kingdom to remain at all intact, in part due to being the furthest from the point of the plague's origin and thus having time to prepare, and in part thanks to King Roderick's swift and mercilessly strict self-quarantine of his strongholds. (Roderick's quarantine measures were so strict, in fact, that he exiled himself when he showed signs of illness, to be succeeded by his son Prince Vaughn.) While losses outside the walled capital city and forts were as bad as anywhere else, many within managed to survive, and the Kingdom of Lapis was thus able to endure.