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Some are worshiped, some are called gods, others demons, and yet others spirits or ascended mortals. The collective term generally used for these types of beings is 'Immortals.' These listings and documents are certain to contain bias, speculation, mistranslation, and outright errors - such is the way of things when dealing with mysterious lore of this nature. While most Immortals are acknowledged with varying aspects across cultures, their most common names tend to be those given by the cultures in which they are, or at least were, the most prominent.

note: This list is not all-inclusive!


Immortals commonly acknowledged or even worshiped by humankind, many going back as far as the history of civilization. Their names are many, but the names listed below are those by which these Immortals are currently most commonly known.

  • Aphraen - Keeper of Dreams, Guardian of the Night.
  • Aranas - The Great Spider, bringer of terror and weaver of lies, also often considered a patron of revenge.
  • The Blood God - God of Blood, Sacrifices, and Feasts.
  • Bogvaskr - The Huntsman.
  • Iarel - The Serpent Queen, unsurpassed in knowledge of human biology, medicine, and many occult arts.
  • Malfant - Guardian of lost and forbidden knowledge, seeker of secrets, and according to some, bringer of nightmares and madness.
  • Mountain Father - The last of the Mountain Giants, lover of stonework, father and patron to the Giganti.
  • Naia - The River Goddess, often seen as a patron of nature and fertility. She is the younger sister of Nereia and daughter of Vodr.
  • Nereia - The Sea Goddess, patron of fishermen and sailors. She is the elder sister of Naia and daughter of Vodr.
  • Serafina - The Torchbearer, who seeks to guide humanity toward greater compassion and charity.
  • Teonanacatl - Enigmatic god of fungus, decay, and the cycle of life and death.
  • Vandin - The Sun God, seeker of truth and chronicler of all things. Patron of scholars.
  • Verungnr - Creature of the Abyss, a terrible tentacled monstrosity who drags damned souls down to eternal darkness in the deepest depths of the ocean.
  • Vodr - The Thunder God, bringer of storms. Many believe him to be lost or dead, though some occasionally still worship or pray to him. Father of Naia and Nereia.
  • Undm - Keeper of Souls, she is charged with watching over the dead.


Druidic Immortals are those whose realm is the world of nature - plants and animals. It should be noted that druidic Immortals are somewhat enigmatic, not having human-like personalities or characteristics, and can be difficult to understand by non-druids.

  • Gaea - Regarded as the will or soul of the natural world itself, the Gaea has a powerful influence over plants and, to a lesser extent, animals.
  • Great Bear Spirit - Often considered mightiest of the Animal Spirits, the Great Bear Spirit is also the patron of the Dwaedn Wyr.
  • Reykvargr - The Smoke Wolf, ostracized amongst the Animal Spirits for her anger and wrath against humankind, patron of the Dunwyr.


Ascended Immortals are individuals who were once mortal but achieved such power or renown that they are now considered Immortals. Others listed here are considered "lesser" immortals in comparison to the more standard pantheon.

  • Amon-Rhun - Bequeathed incredible sorcerous power by the last of the Old Gods, Rhun was ultimately defeated while leading a rebellion in Ivial. It is said his spirit remains, shackled within a hidden shrine in Tol Rhun to provide knowledge and guidance to his most select of successors. He is often referred to now as "The Shackled One."
  • Destiny Owleyes - The Ice Queen, a powerful enchantress who discovered the secret to immortality and forged her own small nation. She has not been seen recently, though her Sisterhood maintains matters for her during her absence.
  • Jonathon Crowhaven - The Necromancer, a powerful and reclusive sorcerer who has mastered death. Many seek his knowledge or counsel in the sorcerous arts, though he will see no one. This has not stopped some fanatics from forming cults dedicated to him on their own.
  • Kebyet - The Dancer, a Nuum woman whose beauty and dance were so extraordinary that she manipulated even the Immortals themselves into granting her immortality.
  • The Pumpkin King - An enigmatic pumpkin-headed entity who has taken it upon himself to be the master of lost souls that are bound to the mortal world, unable to pass on.